East Gresham Students Say Goodbye to Old School, Eager for New Building this Fall

This month, students at East Gresham Elementary School wrapped up their academic year. When they return this fall, they will arrive to a brand new building, funded by the 2016 Gresham-Barlow School Bond.  Kemmie Garrison is a second-grade teacher at East Gresham. Her classroom faced the construction, and her students have watched the new building go up over the last year. “It was literally right out our windows. The students got a close up view every single day,” Ms Garrison said.

While Ms Garrison conceded that leaving the old campus was “bittersweet,” she acknowledged that it was time to close the building. The heater and circulation fans were so noisy she had to use a microphone to teach her students.  “We had buckets strategically placed in the halls to catch the rainwater that seeps through the ceiling. It’s time.”

Ms Garrison is confident that her students will be inspired and proud of their community in the new building next fall. Over 95% of EGES students are on free or reduced lunch, and Garrison believes her students will be more excited to come to school in a brand new building with modern technology, quieter classrooms, and safer building.

“I cannot wait to see the kids faces, especially those that have been going to East Gresham for years” said Ms. Garrison. “It’ll push our kids to be 21st century learners. I think that’s really exciting as a teacher.”