Bond oversight committee made up of Gresham-Barlow community members holds first meeting

Focus of their work: To ensure bond dollars are spent as voters intended

The Bond Oversight committee conducted their inaugural meeting in August to complete their first quarterly review of the Gresham-Barlow School District Bond Measure 26-187.

The 11 BOC members are Gresham-Barlow community members with a variety of experience and interest in ensuring bond dollars are spent as approved by the voters.

At each quarterly meeting, committee members will review project improvements, monitor spending, and monitor schedules. They also consider and recommend project modifications if inflationary increases in construction costs exceed current budget estimates.

District employees and construction managers presented a full overview of the GBSD bond program which started in early 2017 and is expected to run through 2021. The GBSD bond is made up of projects at every school in the district: four new construction/significant renovation projects and a number of select improvements at the fourteen remaining schools.  The four multi-year projects are major redesigns and new construction of Gresham High School, Sam Barlow High School, North Gresham Elementary School, and East Gresham Elementary School. Improvement projects spread throughout the district’s remaining schools include safety and security upgrades, upgraded and improved technology, expanding learning environments including new classroom wings and replacing and repairing building systems like heating and cooling.

The BOC reviewed the projects included in the 2016 voter-approved bond and the bond management plan including the budget and budget management.  The BOC learned that the district is waiting to receive its final design approval from the Gresham Design Commission for the Gresham High School project. The project is on track with its schedule and construction timeline. However, its design and management teams are working to balance the project budget and scope of work and will provide an update on how  design considerations could impact the budget at the next BOC meeting.

Similarly, GBSD is waiting to receive approval for the Sam Barlow High School project from the Multnomah County Land Use Department. The project is on track with its schedule and construction and the district plans on presenting an updated budget at the next BOC meeting.

Both the North and East Gresham Elementary School projects are on track with their budgets, schedules and construction. Both projects are waiting for approval from the city of Gresham Land Use Department.

You can learn more about the Bond Oversight Committee here

The next meeting will be held on October 18, 2017.